hmiMAX Software Suite includes:

  • Maker - WYSIWYG screen designer
  • Viewer - View screens animated with PLC tags
  • Server - PLC interface. Multiple PLCs, Multiple Viewer nodes

Free Version: Download Link

Installation Instructions

  1. Simply unzip the entire contents of the file to a directory on your computer.  There is no needfor an ‘installer’ program.
  2. You will find three executable files: Maker.exe, Server.exe, and Viewer.exe.
  3. To get a quick idea of the capabilities of hmiMAX, run Maker.exe.  When prompted for the workspace, select the \examples\hmiMax directory which was unzipped from the downloaded file in step 1.

Professional Version: $129

Minimum Requirements

To run the hmiMAX Software Suite, the PC must have at least the following:

  • Windows 2000
  • PIII Processor, 500MHz
  • 128 MB RAM